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I am ready to receive all that this stage of life has to offer me. I want to share this journey and hope that others will share theirs with me.

I love this image, she truly represents Hot Girl Retirement. Her red hat and stylish glasses say it all. I have no idea how to “age gracefully. Do you?

If you, like me are confused about how to behave in your 60’s and 70’s, let me know. What lessons and wisdom can you share? What are your concerns and worries.

Just as important, what about life right now brings you joy and happiness? I want to hear from you. So reach out, I want to help create a roadmap for others , with your help.

How to Tackle the First Full Year: Transitioning to Retirement | Silvur

Transitioning to retirement can be difficult. We’re here to help you find the tools needed to move forward and adjust to your new way of life.

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I looked forward to retirement. I had been working since I was 14 years old. I was ready. The only plans I had were to visit with my Mother who lived in Philadelphia. I had long imagined inviting one of my 3 sisters to join us on our ” ladies who lunch outings”. I finally left my professional career as a Not for Profit executive for the last time in December of 2018. That first week in January of 2019, I had to admit my Mother to the hospital. This was not how I thought we would be spending our time together. The good news however, if I had not retired I would not have been able to spend time caring for my mother. So, so far so good for retirement transitioning.

I hope the featured article will help you with your transition to this exciting journey.


Hot Girl Retirement

Engaged at 75 Norma Kamali Shares Secrets on Health and Aging in New Book I Am Invincible |

I have been a fan of Norma Kamala for years. I love and appreciate her fashion sensibilities. I consider her engagement at 75 a true inspiration.

The fashion icon says she’s she’s stronger and smarter than ever before
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Taking a break from dating in my 60’s

I am in my 60’s, the author of this article is 28. Amazing, we have both experienced a “Dating Break”. I cannot believe that I am dating at this stage of my life. What I have realized is that I have no idea or experience dating.

I want to share what I have learned from engaging in this practice for finding myself by searching for love.

Physical Symptoms of Not Loving Yourself

Physical Symptoms of Not Loving Yourself
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I am always bemused when I see articles or questions about whether or not “I love myself”. What does that even mean, I ask. When did this become a thing? How did I miss it? It seems impossible for someone who has a whole lot of self help books in their library.

I wanted to share this brief article because I think it does a good job of explaining what it means to love oneself and what happens when we don’t realize that we don’t know how. I would love to hear what others think about this hot subject matter.




My Grandmother believed that Vaseline was a cure for most things. I remember the summer I spent with her in North Carolina. It was my first time wearing ” Flip Flops” and the piece between my toes irritated me. My feet were swollen and my Grandmother applied Vaseline and bandages up to my knees. I am not sure that it helped, but Vaseline has been a staple in my beauty and health aides ever since.