My Grandmother believed that Vaseline was a cure for most things. I remember the summer I spent with her in North Carolina. It was my first time wearing ” Flip Flops” and the piece between my toes irritated me. My feet were swollen and my Grandmother applied Vaseline and bandages up to my knees. I am not sure that it helped, but Vaseline has been a staple in my beauty and health aides ever since.


  1. Empish says:

    Yes, I use Vaseline too! It is a great all purpose beauty aide but also good for healing the skin. As I have gotten older my skin gets dry and irritated and I have found Vaseline to work wonders. It is very affordable compared to other products on the market and you can find it everywhere.


    1. stephvpalmer says:

      Empish, thank you for the validation.


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