Physical Symptoms of Not Loving Yourself

Physical Symptoms of Not Loving Yourself
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I am always bemused when I see articles or questions about whether or not “I love myself”. What does that even mean, I ask. When did this become a thing? How did I miss it? It seems impossible for someone who has a whole lot of self help books in their library.

I wanted to share this brief article because I think it does a good job of explaining what it means to love oneself and what happens when we don’t realize that we don’t know how. I would love to hear what others think about this hot subject matter.


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  1. czarria60 says:

    Hi there! This was an interesting article. But whether we called it “somaticizing” or “suppressing” or whatever buzz word is floating around, the results definitely take their toll on us, physically as well as emotionally. I believe whatever path helps a person to identify, release and move past these deep-rooted issues is worth pursuing. But I also believe there should be balance. We have to be careful not to become so absorbed in our pursuit of freedom that we ignore the needs of significant others in our lives, whether those are spouses, children, etc. Healing cannot happen in a vacuum. Part of freeing ourselves is realizing others may have the same or worse pain than we do.


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