I am glad I brought those two new winter coats in February!

Today is Sunday and just one week away from Spring. To signal its arrivl, we turned the clocks ahead an hour last night. “Spring Forward”.We woke up to temperatures in the 30’s. With the wind chill factor, it might have been below freezing, although I did not want to acknowledge that reality. It was much too much to take. It has been a brutually cold and unforgiving winter. So cold and uncomfortable that I have started to identify realators in Florida. I cannot do this again., not another winter in New York City. My apartment was cold, 64 degrees , on many , many days in December, January and February. Even with the electric space heater on all day, it took all day to acheive a temperature of 70 degrees in my apartment. I hated every coat that I owned. My coat wardrobe is organized by the outside temperature. My current below freezing outerwear options were old, few, and no longer featured fur. I woke up on what felt like yet another, endless cold day. I needed a new very warm coat., even though the weater forecast promised warmer horizons, I remeber finding Blue Duck years agao. I was no longer interested in wearing fur, mostly due to fear of animal rights extremiest. Blue Duck and thier incredible selection of shearling outewear was life changing. I knew that I kept thier business card because it was such a memorable shopping experience. I found them and they were just what I remembered them to be. Great selection and knowledgeble customer service. So this morninh , just one week away from Spring, I put on my very warm, new coat from Blue Duck and ventured out into the cols ,one more time. I am so very glad I brought those winter coats. I was inspired and grateful to celebrate my ability to stay warm , one more time this gosh allful winter.

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