I am a “ Nice” person

I was thinking about a statistic I read, maybe from a post by Dr. Moss Lee, that stated girls are socialized to believe that expressing their opinions can be at the risk of being perceived as not being”nice”. As a woman, often described as nice this information held great significance for me. There is a sign in my office that reads,”Because nice matters”.I think I am going to replace it with one that reminds me that my opinion matters. I recognize the courage it can take to offer your opinion as a woman, especially a black woman. My most recent experience with a power structure characterized by white and male privilege found my insistence on being an advocate for those we served as too persistent. I was cautioned to be nice. I chose to stand in the truth of my opinion and was silenced. Although the transition has being life changing, I do not regret that decision and find strength in my ability to be a role model for all the little girls in my life that I love.

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